Floral Steer - Leopard - Sublimation

Floral Steer - Leopard - Sublimation

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[ S I Z E ]

This print is available in the Adult size of 10.”

[ S U B L I M A T I O N ]

This listing is for a sublimation transfer which is printed and ready to press using a heat press. These type of transfers dye the fabric and do not leave a heavy feel on the shirt. It will never crack or peel which is why most people love using subs.  You MUST use a heat press to use this transfer. White parts of a sublimation print will never show on a shirt, this part of the transfer will take on whatever the background color of the shirt is. The only time the color white will show in a sublimation is if you have a white toner printer or use vinyl pieces behind it.

[ W H A T  S H I R T  T O   U S E ]

While I cannot tell you what style or color to press this on, I can tell you some details that will help. You will need a shirt that has a high polyester count, 65% or higher is best with 50% being the minimum allowed. Just remember, the higher the poly %, the more bright and vivid the print will be. Using under 65% will give you a more vintage and faded vibe. This print is going to dye your fabric, it does not lay on top as a screen print does. For this reason, you will want to use a lighter color shirt or one that can be bleached to your liking. Pleas test your fabric in a tiny patch on the inside hem to see how it will bleach. You cannot press this onto a black fabric, it will not show or bleach. Heather style fabrics normally give the best bleached out look, just remember to test before you press!

[ H O W  T O  A P P L Y ]

Set your heat press at 400°. Lay down your shirt and place your print face down where you want it applied. Cover with parchment paper and press for 60 seconds. When you release your heat press, carefully remove your transfer paper quickly so the image does’t blur.

[ C O P Y R I G H T ]

All Original Artwork and Rights are ©Jesi Nameth/Crazy House. 

[ R E F U N D P O L I C Y ] 

Due to the nature of our products, there are no refunds on items purchased. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us

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